Are you the creative type? Do you have ideas you’d like to bring to life but requires high manufacturing precision and repeatability that your other tools struggle with?  Consider a CNC router, it can be a great addition to your shop or studio.

So what is a CNC router? In a nutshell it’s a computer controlled machine that is capable of cutting, etching, and engraving any shape, pattern, or design on a flat piece of material such as wood, plastic, and metal. With it you can make anything from signs, toys, furniture, guitars, circuit boards, skate boards, and so much more.

Many people are just beginning to learn the joys of owning a CNC router with its high versatility and capability. To be able to create such a wide array of things from prototypes to finished products makes the CNC router indispensable and owning a CNC router has never been easier or more affordable!

So what are you waiting for?  Learn more about what makes our machines different from the rest. 




The precision and ease of a CNC router is a great addition to any size workshop. However, not all CNC machines are made equal and most smaller desktop CNC machines on the market lack the necessary speed, power, and reliability to be the perfect addition to the workshop, while machines with the necessary performance tend to be out of most budgets.

Enter Routakit, a new line of CNC router kits that blur the line between hobby desktop machines and commercial machines,while offering best in class performance AND affordability. Some smaller and cheaper desktop machines in the market claim to be able to handle “real work”, but we beg to differ. Our machines are in a completely different class of performance able to operate for long hours everyday of the week, with the flexibility to change and grow with your workshop.




From conception our machines were designed to be paired with real CNC spindles, not *hand routers that tend to lack precision (run-out), and of which are not designed for long duty cycles.

We use top of the line CNC electronics (Planet CNC & Geckodrive), not an Arduino, or similar, which simply doesn’t offer the reliability and power to be used for serious work. Our electronics are designed to interface with industrial grade software such as USB CNC (included with SD model) ​or Mach 3 & 4 (custom profiles included with HD model) for commercial-like functionality, features, and performance.​​


*Routakits are compatible with hand routers such as the Dewalt DW611, Dewalt 660, and Bosch Colt, though we recommend using a spindle for better performance.




We designed our machines to be highly modular and straightforward to assemble, disassemble, and modify. Every part of the machine is highly accessible and serviceable. Our unique belt and pinion system places all of the drive components on the outside face of the X&Y aluminum extrusions, which keep parts clean and clear of debris as you’re cutting.

​Very special attention was given to the z-axis design as that is where the highest level of stress and forces are encountered during cutting. Its ultra compact design keeps the wheels and railing as close as possible to the spindle for extremely high rigidity, all the while housing a beefy industrial grade ball screw for high accuracy and speed. We can’t make the z-axis anymore compact or rigid if we tried!