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4.44.4 out of 5 stars (based on 14 reviews)
Very good22%

Hard to believe

July 12, 2019

I’m a new customer to Routakit, but I’m far from new to the business world.
Like many purchases on line, problems arose with a damaged part at the factory. Then a ball screw Problem and it needed replaced. But in an attempt to make sure my machine got here on time, my friend Nick kept in close touch with me (DAILY) Emailing me to notify me of what was going on, complete with tracking numbers and apologies for the inconveniences and even replacing the original damaged part with a better model for the same price.
I’m sure there will be other problems to work out on the rest of this build, that’s just the way it is in the world of machine assembly. But I’m not worried with the detailed assembly instructions (with pics) Routakit has, and the prompt answers I’ve been getting.
I’m usually pretty cynical, but so far they have been HARD TO BELIEVE.
Tnx, Dripdoc

L B Masters

Routakit HD

March 5, 2019

I purchased the HD with all available options at the time. Great DIY CNC for the hobbyist or someone starting a small business. It’s a DYI so it can be modified if needed. It can perform well if set up correctly. The newly designed spindle plates got me a 0,0 adjustment on my Y and X-axis. This improvement should prevent any run out over distance. It now does not need to be adjusted using some jig or shims which is very nice.

Communications with the company are through Facebook messenger; it seems to be pretty quick. At first, I was not sure about that part but actually, find it better than sending emails waiting on a response. One thing I asked about when I bought the machine with the ability to add a rotary. At the time it was not possible, but they said they would look at doing that and currently they are testing that option out and will be a great add-on to the machine.

Are there things that could change? Yes. The belt driven X and Y axis would be nice to have the option to make it a screw driven instead. Some of the bugs I had were self-inflicted others addressed when I mentioned the issue to them. The company is willing to make changes if you notice something that would improve the performance of the machine.

Overall thoughts:
Good DIY CNC for its size. Know what you are looking for the machine to do or produce. Ask for modifications when ordering to see if it can be added in the kit beforehand. Know from the start you are dealing with a smaller company and not a mass production company that will cost you 15k for a machine. I wish they had a forum for buyers to communicate. The lack of a forum I feel hurts the Routakit community. Not everyone uses Facebook and would get more from sharing on the actual forum. I give the machine 4 stars once I get the rotary I’ll add the extra star.

Will O.

Great Value

December 24, 2018

I received an email invitation from Routakit to write a review so I figured why not. I have been using a Routakit HD for over 2 years now, and it is the center piece of my activity. This is a very strong machine, which I regularly put on hard labour for hours, and it has never let me down. I really feel like this is the best value I could find for my budget. Most of the other available options in the market would be much smaller and less powerful for that price, when the Routakit HD instantly gave me the feeling of having a professional tool.
Having to assemble the machine was the most rewarding part, giving me a clear understanding of how it would work, and the feeling like I know every inch of it. Parts are very well designed and most importantly the amazing support giving by the customer service along the process was gold. Still now I can count on them when a new question pops up, or an idea to improve something (which is always possible, as it is an open design, another great advantage). You can visit my website to see a past project I made with it at In my video you can briefly see my Routakit HD being put to work. Hopefully Routakit opens up a page on their website for users to share their projects, I would love to show what I’ve done with my Routakit HD.

Adrien Python

Thank you

November 16, 2018

Routakit SDX, 1.5 meter x 1 meter, 1500 Watt Spindle

Routakit, just wanted to send you a note saying thank you for putting together such a versatile router kit. The 1.5 x 1 kit gives me a cut area of 49″ x 28.5″ and 5″ of z travel. Being a kit I have been able to take my time assembling it and make modifications as I go. These modifications have allowed me to increase my z travel a little bit to the 5″ and to make a modular rail bed design so I can install a rotating 4th and 5th axis as I choose. I also will be looking into adding a diode laser option in the future as those become more powerful. The Planet CNC 9 axis control will give me all kinds of options going forward as I build this machine and grow my making ability. The table I built allows for the legs to be removed and feet inserted in the ends so it can stand on end for transport. The machine is large but can be transported in a pickup and rolled through a 36″ door. Thank you again for a large, robust, modular DIY machine kit.

Brian Furlotte

A lot to like

November 2, 2018

I was shopping around for a medium size CNC kit and I was instantly drawn to the design of the Routakit. After some research I ended up purchasing a SD with the SDX upgrade and 1.5kw spindle at 1000mmx1000mm in size. Assembly was straight forward but I did have a few questions in some spots that I was able to get answered from the support team through Facebook. The software is pretty good and easy enough to setup and the performance of the machine itself has been great for cutting wood. I haven’t tried cutting aluminum but I imagine that is totally doable on my machine. The cutting accuracy is pretty good with parts usually cut within .01″ of spec or better once you calibrate everything from my experience, though be sure to use loctite on the motor pulleys, if you don’t they will eventually get loose and you can imagine what will happen. Overall I’m happy with my purchase. Thumbs up!

David Atkinson

Good for the price

October 7, 2018

As the title states it’s good for the price. I have experience running commercial CNCs and I wanted a hobby CNC for my home to help me make furniture and possibly turn my hobby into a little side business. I bought a 1500 x 1000mm Routakit HD kit and I like that it’s an all aluminum construction. It took me a week to build the machine at a nice steady pace working a few hours a day, but looking back on it I probably could have built it in 2 days. I’m familiar with Mach3 so running this machine was a piece of cake and the Gecko controller is very reliable as many people have attested to. Now considering this is a cheap CNC kit I wasn’t expecting precision or performance on a level of a $100,000 CNC or anything but I’m satisfied with the performance I’m getting out of it. For the average garage warrior or small businesses looking for a good CNC in the $4k to $5k range the Routakit HD fits the bill. If there is one thing I would change about the machine is that it would use ball screws on all three axes instead of just the z-axis, but the belts on the xy are holding up and look to be very high quality so I don’t anticipate they will be giving me problems in the long run.


5 Stars

July 10, 2018

This is a wonderful kit, you guys should be very proud of your cnc router system. It has gone together well and is very well thought out! Thank you for helping me through the build process!


Carving Beast of a Machine!

April 28, 2018

I have nothing but good things to say about my Routakit machine. I got the HD model with the best spindle option. I’m carving and cutting birch and oak like butter. I tried cutting carbon fiber for RC parts for a friend and it has no problems with that either. This was my first CNC so I expected a learning curve and it took me a little while longer than I expected to get everything setup and running but overall not too bad once you get the hang of it especially with the help of support. Mentioning support I have to say they were very helpful, but if I could find a negative point is that they weren’t always quick to answer every question and sometimes took around 1 to 2 days to respond, but then again other times they responded in an hour so I guess it depends on the day. It’s not enough of a negative to knock down a whole star but just something I thought I’d share. I will be recommending Routakit to my buddies that want a CNC.



February 20, 2018

I bought a small SD with 600w spindle. I wanted to cut wood and acrylic and maybe some aluminum with it. After putting everything together and following all the steps from Routakit the machine still struggles with anything harder than MDF or plywood and I end up with broken cutting bits or jagged cuts. Maybe I was expecting too much from this machine but I was really hoping to be able to cut hard woods and aluminum without trouble. After learning more about CNC machines I think I should have went with the 1.5kw spindle, it probably would have solved my problems and I would be happier but with my current setup with the 600w spindle the machine is average at best. At least the build quality is good.

Christopher T.

This thing is awesome

January 18, 2018

I’ve never owned a cnc router before this but I have a lot of experience with wood working and using tools like a hand held router, jigsaw, skill saw, drill press, and many others. As much as I love working with my hands there is something really satisfying about watching my designs get cut out of wood on a cnc router. I went with the Routakit HD that is big enough for 4×4 size sheets of wood. Getting this thing built is actually easy, but it is time consuming so grab a friend and promise them a pizza and a beer. I look forward to getting many years of use out of this.


Nice machine

December 12, 2017

SD Owner
1×1.5m size
1.5kw spindle
SDX Upgrade

1. Rigid Aluminum Frame
2. Ball screw on the zaxis!!!
3. Easy to build
4. Cuts accurately

1. Not suitable for cutting steel 🙁
2. Does not reliably move as fast as stated on website without affecting repeatability (I recommend not let the machine exceed 250 ipm if you want to maintain high repeatability results)
3. Included software is ok and does its job fine, but I would have preferred Mach 3.

General thoughts?
I like the machine, it serves me well and even with some shortcommings I cant complain too much in this price range. It is good.


I like my CNC but...

November 16, 2017

So first of all the machine is pretty good, it’s designed well and performs how I expected. However….from the start I experienced a glitch that took me awhile to get ironed out. Since then I’ve have had no issues with it. The reason why I am giving this 2 stars is because my machine arrived late and with damaged extrusions. I emailed Routakit as quickly as I could and I didn’t hear back form them until the following day which was aggravating. Of course they apologized and they did send out replacements asap, but when you pay $2000 or more for a product you expect that company to be on top of their game and to be readily available to solve any problems in that very moment, they need to have a live chat service or offer support over Facebook messenger. Like I said the machine is good they just needed more customer service and I would have been a happy camper…


helped me for my small business

September 29, 2017

I make engravings and do a lot of 2.5D work for ornate plaques with my Routakit. I also make furniture pieces with it like cabinet doors and shelves, I even use it to modify store bought furniture to make them unique. I can’t imagine doing this without a CNC machine and I really do enjoy using it almost everyday. Louis from Routakit was a joy to work with and answered every question I had, he made it a point to make sure I was taken care of and I truly appreciate that.


Love it

March 22, 2017

I was one of the early adopters right when they started selling kits after their Kickstarter project. I upgraded from a cheap desktop machine I found on eBay to the Routakit HD. The difference was night and day in cutting speed, reliability and machine stiffness. The Routakit HD grants me the ability to do real work at my shop and I’m loving it. At the time of my build the instructions were greatly lacking in some areas but their support was able to answer my questions. They were a brand spanking new company then so I cut them some slack, especially since I was following them even before they were in business so I knew what to expect. Checking back now I see that they’ve improved and expanded their instructions so it should be fine now. For what you’re getting the Routakit HD is an exceptional value.


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