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The OpenBuilds C-Beam XLarge is the bigger brother of the standard C-Beam. It features the same C-Beam extrusion and acme drive design while providing over two times the work area. While not technically classified as a desktop model you can still place it on a table or bench and not take too much space in your shop. Get your feet wet in the world of CNC with C-Beam. Included with the purchase of a C-Beam you will get a free set of carbide end mills for cutting wood, acrylic, and soft metals exclusively from us at Routakit.

More than double the work area of the standard sized C-Beam

OpenBuilds C-Beam Specs

  • X Axis Travel - 750mm (29.5")
  • Y Axis Travel - 330mm (13")
  • Z Axis Travel 85mm - (3.5") Actual working depth is 1.250"
  • Acme Screw Drive (12mm)
  • Color: Silver with black plates

Bundle Includes:

  • Mechanical parts.

Electronics (optional):

  • Smoothieboard with DQ542MA Stepper Motor Driver (x3)
  • 24v power supply
  • Stepper Motors
  • DeWalt DWP611

Assembly Instructions

If the C-Beam XLarge isn't robust enough for your liking no worries we got you covered. Check out our exclusive enthusiast line of CNC kits that blur the line between hobby machines and industrial machines that are considerably more rigid, use real spindles, and feature more professional grade electronics.

Currently shipping within the United States only. Please check out our enthusiast line up if you live in another country.

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