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Routakit HD + Starterkit


Routakit HD + Starterkit 0004
For the emerging entrepreneur or the hard-core hobbyist, consider the Routakit HD. Built along the same innovative design as the Routakit SD, the Routakit HD is our heavy duty machine. Stronger, faster, and better suited for those really tough jobs, the Routakit HD features 1/4" thick aluminum plates, a significantly stiffer and longer gantry made from three 4080 aluminum extrusions, increased clearance, wider belts, a taller ball screw, and steel wheels/steel rail for the z-axis assembly.

Current Lead Time: About 3 weeks from date of order


  • Mechanical kit
  • Commercial grade plug and play electronics enclosure with E-stop button and On/Off switch
  • Gecko g540
  • Ethernet smooth stepper
  • 4x 380oz Nema 24 stepper motors
  • 4x Limit switches (proximity)

*Does not include MDF wasteboard due to high shipping cost. We recommend sourcing this from your local hardware store.

  • Footprint: 1486mm x 1013mm at the base (58.5in x 39.9in) *Stock size measured from base
  • Work Area: ~1260mm x 760mm x 140mm (49.5in x 30in x 6in) *Stock size
  • Rapids: 13,970 mm/min (550 in/min) Recommended, 22,860 mm/min (900 in/min) Maximum
  • Plate Material: 6.35mm thick (.25in) 6061-T6 aluminum
  • Rail Material: 6061-T6 aluminum Open Rail for x and y axis, stainless steel for z-axis
  • Belting: 15mm wide, 3mm pitch GT2
  • Ball Screw: 16mm diameter, 300mm length, 5mm pitch
  • Stepper Motor Size: 380oz Nema 23/24
  • Max Supported Spindle Size: 3kw
  • Repeatability: .025mm - .05mm (.001in - .002in)
  • Accuracy: +- .127mm (.005in)
  • Electronics: Gecko g540, four 380oz Nema 24 stepper motors

Featuring professional like performance at an affordable price point.

Take deep cuts into metal at up to 1/8th of an inch per pass increasing productivity and saving you time (with 3kw spindle)

Produce furniture, signs, doors, cabinets, metal parts, and so much more. What will you make?

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Z-Axis Travel
Drag Chain Kit
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Routakit HD + Starterkit Routakit HD + Starterkit Routakit HD + Starterkit Routakit HD + Starterkit Routakit HD + Starterkit Routakit HD + Starterkit Routakit HD + Starterkit Routakit HD + Starterkit Routakit HD + Starterkit Routakit HD + Starterkit Routakit HD + Starterkit