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Available ARCO laser kit sizes for promotion are 500x500mm, 500x1000mm, and 1000x1000mm. Please specify desired size at checkout in the customer notes. Please note that the size you choose is not guaranteed and is dependent upon available inventory.

Routakit SD + Starterkit


Routakit SD + Starterkit 0002

The Routakit SD is our baseline machine offering excellent performance in its class for cutting wood, plastic, and aluminum. Featuring 0.19in thick plates for high rigidity and strength, a stiff 4080 extrusion as the gantry, 100mm (~4in) of clearance, and a 250mm (~4n) tall industrial grade ball screw for the z-axis.

The starterkit is a complete* out of the box experience including everything you need to get started on your CNC projects!

Need even more rigidity? Consider adding our SDX upgrade package to strengthen up the frame and carriage assembly via additional extrusions on the X and Y axis, additional v-wheels, and additional spacers/hardware. Great for handling the extra power and forces associated with our optional 1.5kw spindle upgrade for cutting into harder material deeper and faster.

Current Lead Time: 3 weeks from date of order


  • Routakit SD Mechanical Kit
  • 4x Nema 23 175oz Stepper Motors
  • Power supply
  • Planet CNC controller (with USB cable)
  • 4x Planet CNC 2.5a Motor drivers
  • 3x Limit Switches (contact)
  • Planet CNC software license
  • Cables for motors and limit switches
  • Optional accessories and upgrades available.

* Does not include MDF wasteboard due to high shipping cost. We recommend sourcing this from your local hardware store.


  • Footprint: 1010mm x 1013mm (39.75in x 39.8in) *1000x1000mm model measured from base
  • Work Area: ~760mm x 760mm x 140mm (30in x 30in x 4in) *1000x1000mm model measured from base
  • Rapids: 7620 mm/min (300+ in/min) Recommended, 12700 mm/min (500 in/min) Maximum
  • Plate Material: .19" 6061-T6 aluminum and A36 Mild Steel
  • Rail Material: 6061-T6 aluminum Open Rail
  • Belting: 9mm wide, 3mm pitch GT2
  • Ball Screw: 16mm diameter, 250mm length, 5mm pitch
  • Stepper Motor Size: 175oz Nema 23
  • Max Supported Spindle Size: 800w (1.5kw with gantry upgrade)
  • Repeatability: .025mm - .05mm (.001in - .002in)
  • Accuracy: +- .127 mm (.005 in)

The Routakit SD is both versatile and affordable while supporting higher end hardware found in more expensive machines.

Make beautiful relief carvings at up to 2x4 feet in size

Upgrade to an electronics enclosure for a more professional look! Includes on/off switch, jogging buttons, opto board, and more.

$1599 In stock
Z-Axis Travel
Color Scheme
Drag Chain Kit
Power Plug Type
Mount for Electronics
Relay Board for Software Based Spindle/Coolant Control
Dust Shoe
SDX Upgrade Package (Clear Anodized Only)
Routakit SD + Starterkit Routakit SD + Starterkit Routakit SD + Starterkit Routakit SD + Starterkit Routakit SD + Starterkit Routakit SD + Starterkit Routakit SD + Starterkit Routakit SD + Starterkit MK3/4 Controller Electronics Plate Electronics Enclosure (Front) Routakit SD + Starterkit Electronics Enclosure (Rear) 600w spindle 1.5kw Spindle